Meme Generator No Watermark.

A free meme maker without a watermark for creating memes as simple as possible.

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How to make a meme using our meme generator?

How to add a meme?

You can drag & drop your meme in the box or upload it from your device or paste an image URL. Now go make a meme.

How do I add text to my meme?

Add the meme text you want to add to your meme on top, middle, bottom or anywhere you want by dragging the text box.

How to change my meme text font?

Click on the settings icon beside each text input click on "Text font" dropdown and select your favorite font.

How to change my meme text size?

There is two ways which you can change the size of the text, the First one is to simply click directly to the text on canvas and pull the corners to resize to you desired width. The second method is to click on the text options and type the size you want in "Text size" input in pixels.

How to add space to my meme so I can add my text outside?

Hit "Canvas options" then click on "Add spacing" and select the percentage you want to add, for example if your meme height is 500px and you choose "50%" it will add "250px" in height.

How to place my meme if I added spacing?

In "Canvas options" you will see "Meme placement" click on it and pick where you want to place the meme on top, bottom or middle.

How to add watermark? does not force you to sign-in or subscribe to remove the watermak, but we have the option if you want to support us to add a watermark by clicking on "Canvas options" and then click on the toggle to add/remove watermark.

I'm lazy, how can I make all the text the same color?

We have an option to apply all your text settings to each text you add so you don't have to repeat each step, you can do the following to make it happen click the settings icon then click "Apply text settings to all" toggle and there you go now every change you make on that text is applied to all the other text.

How to remove text stroke and text shadow?

In the text options, click on "Text stroke" toggle or "Text shadow" to remove or add shadow or stroke.

How to add background color?

Click on the "Canvas options" dropdown then click on "Background color" and choose any color you want.

What if I want to add more text to my meme?

You can add as many text as you want while you're making a meme, just hit the Add button below the meme text inputs and start typing in the new added input.